The unfortunate wheel game

Life is not a blockbuster movie. 

People have always said that if you work hard enough, you will consistently achieve your goals. This is not quite right. People are with disadvantage circumstances will highly unlikely become a president, a doctor or a millionaire. Maybe one in a billion; take your chances! 

Stage A- Identity wheel 

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The first spinning wheel provides the player with a new identity, there are 15 possible characters form a variety of contexts and cultures. A, B and C are divided based on the chances of being born in a privileged situation. B would be the most disadvantaged followed by A, and C would be the most privileged. The level of happiness is not a consequence of context.

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Stage B- Future wheels





The second stage is the future of each character, which depends on the context the characters were born, the future possibilities can´t be the same for A, B, C. Although there is a chance, always.

Stage 3 - Results


During the third stage, players write the end of the story, since they are certain things that we can do that could change the outcome of the character.