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A collaborative piece by British artist Rory Beard and Mexican artist Beatriz Creel where they invite the public to participate in the making of an art show- any show. By asking the participants to appropriate our artwork and become the ‘greatest artists in the world’, curator, gallerist, or anything, they wish to be. Through this humorous action, we aim to engage with the public to temporarily break the barriers between the audience and the gallery. This simulation is an experiment to expose the diversity of possible outcomes using the same resources. On the other hand, it's to question the operational value of exhibitions overall. Are these exhibitions good enough to fool the common man? If they do, then where do the criteria of art stand? 

To recreate a small gallery space within “Espacio gallery", to give the people the possibility of curating their own exhibition by selecting from 30 possible artworks made by both artists, give the artworks and exhibition title accompanied by the name of the artist.

Click on the images to get a better view. 

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