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Live-action roleplay Presented at "The Smoke 2019" and " Knudepunkt 2019"

The players must decipher codes and symbols, to make sense of the information given to be able to turn abstract materials into proven assumptions. It is important that they are able to commit to their character to get the best results.

Players are divided into two communities that are developing on different planets. For the first time in history, a communication channel is open between both cultures. Both Planets will try to communicate by non-verbal communication (images, drawings, sounds, music, and videos can be used). GOAL: To find out as much as possible about the “Far-land neighbours” within the time frame given (1h). 

For each planet they are given a series of community build cards that they will use to build their civilization, the same cards will be used as a base to articulate their findings during the game. 

Number of participants: 4–10

Duration: 3 hours

The Smoke 2019 Pictures

Game symbols

Culture build cards

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