An explorative experience 

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“I’ve been looking and looking but is nowhere to be found. Hoping that one day, I will find what I’m looking for. Everyone seems so confident and so calm, but no one has a master plan.”

“You are here” claims the map right in front of the main building along various symbols and indications to be able to navigate the work. There are five places to go and explore five installations, five narratives.


Brief painting puzzle under the stairs accompanied with an audio track.
There are three numbers hidden inside the painting, find them to open the red box.

 To deserve more

An unfortunate toilet surprise.

Life is unfair. We where all made differently, and some are better than others. If you are better, do you deserve more?

 Making sense

Word soup to kill time in the elevator.

With all the adversity, there is something that I would like to say. I can’t find the right words, can you help me find it?




Hopscotch of a problematic nature.
To surpass the multiple stages to articulate reality as a mere narrative.


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Bouncy castle tiz creel  ponder_42.JPG
Bouncy castle tiz creel  ponder_31.JPG
Bouncy castle tiz creel  ponder_29.JPG
Bouncy castle tiz creel  ponder_25.JPG