This is how it breaks

Performative and participative art concept made for the "Monstera deliciosa" exhibition at the blue elephoant theatre. 

Mad king & the eye that sees it all 

 The "Mad King" and the "Eye that watch it all" are both a supreme force that controls everything. The King is an earthly symbol, while the Eye represents the mystical. To overcome the king is to withdraw his power by taking your chances. To master the Eye takes much more effort and strength, because is not a frail human being, it is an idea based on faith.  Both forces of power tell us how we should live and operate, the things that we can, or we can´t do. They are the frame and the margin that settles the concession (Usually imposed), to be able to work as a society and have a common ground. Often that duality of right and wrong is unable to be just to all. There is always a margin of relativity to the concepts. If there would be no Eye or no King, what kind of system would we need to have that will be indeed just for all? The piñata must be broken. The king can only be defeated by taking is wealth. A golden coin is hidden inside one of the balloons whoever finds the coin will get a crown and become the new king.

Power cannot be defeated, is hereditary.

Performative and participative commission made in collaboration with Art Night for the 50th Anniversary of TimeOut at Granary Square. 

It´s a trap

Have you ever been caught in an ethical rap? The good and the bad appear in your shoulder, telling you what to do, but you can´t choose.

As a part of a 24h gallery project, the piñatas were accessible at any moment through the looking glass of Chalton gallery during winter 2017. Besides, the audio guide was available at a phone number and a webpage.