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Seize the Power

Publisher: Inside the Box Games 

Coming soon to Kickstarter!

A game about privilege, bigotry, negotiation, and subjugation of power. Some characters will be discriminated against. There is no balancing. Life is just harder for some.

Go to school to be educated. Get a job. Get money. Buy food and shelter.

Meanwhile, money is also used to gain power. Whoever wins a rule auction can decide to enforce that rule – or not – as they wish. Players are free to make threats or ask for bribes for preferential treatment.

The world itself is unfair. Those who have fewer arms, eyes, or no eye stalks will be discriminated against. Their starting position will be worse – usually with less money and education – and rules in-game will also disadvantage them.

Seize the Power presentation at Now Play This! 2022 in Somerset House (London).

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