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Lnd Mural Fest

The final mural was a collective work between Janin, Vane, and me.
Along with FLAWA, we decided to focus on woman, Latin América and nature as core themes.

For this reason, I decided to so a new reiteration of a creature I made in the past month. This deity-like being has the face of a flower (although many could argue that it represents the female reproductive organs). While I was painting, I realised that the deity was revelling itself to me as mother nature—the most iconic female figure in mythology.

On a full moon night, mother nature comes out and fires life (represented by plants and flowers) on earth while everyone sleeps. She is keeping the heart of the world safe in a utopian alternative universe.

The relation with Latin America is given by the use of colours, figures, representations of nature, mysticism and community.

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