plunder - ADVENTURE GAME (demo) 

Version 2 Expected delivery date: June 2019 on the Goldsmiths degree show

This project was made using elements of scavenger hunt and sightseeing. The player must walk around the space looking for the 5 different checkpoints suggested in the given map. Every checkpoint has a puzzle to be solved, or a game to be played. By solving the puzzle the player will get clues to solve where the hidden 6th checkpoint is. In this case is in a shed used in the Studios for toxics (resin, spray paint, casting and other solvents).

The story is about a person looking for something, is not clear what is that. By going to the different stages, reality and truth are severely questioned by proposing moments of creativity and imagination. The 6th space represents the victory condition, nonetheless what the player comes to find out is that “we are all guilty and I am the most guilty of us all”. The finish line was always a dead end on itself.

Play the video for full journey experience:



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