What a time to be alive             (proposal)

Audio examples of how I imagine the segments. I recorded them in Spanish because the scrip and text will be changed.

Tic Toc 

An abstract soundscape of a countdown (10, 9, 8 ...).

  • The countdown will start repeating and losing the order of the numbers (7, 6, 6, 6, 6, 7, 5).

  • Slowly a distortion will appear until the audio is fully saturated culminating with an explosion sound. 



The narrator is speaking with background noise and occasional deep vocoder.

  • Example of text: "Close your eyes. What time is it? Think about all the things you have to do before summer. If summer ever arrives. Is time on your side? So many people to see, you miss them, why don't you see them? Is it that perhaps you don't have time? And the dusted book in your shelve? No one has time to read. Why don't you have time? What occupies your day? How much time do you spend eating and sleeping? Between everything, how much of your time is truly yours? The melancholy of what you left behind for the future. What is that exceptional future that displaced the present?"



Bread and circus to the people 

A fictional political speech where the spokes reveal that the government has failed to overcome what they promised of the future. 

  • Example text: "The state has failed in their promise of the future, the attribute of ideas is to make possible everything that in reality, it is not. Ideas and imagination enable everything that does not exist in this world—the possibility to imagine possible futures, a future that resembles its promise. To understand the past, to modify the present, to dictate the future. We live for the future because if there is no future, there is no point on living."


Time in the air 

A dramatic story where the main character wakes up in the middle of the flight having a philosophical dilemma when he wonders what time is it. Is the time would be of the place of departure or arrival? Time means very little when you are floating in the air. The story will end when the character realises that he took the wrong plane and is now in a different location with a comical interaction with the flying attendant. 


Broken phone 

A phone conversation between two friends where one is proposing to postpone the movies for that evening. Each response will change the grammatical tense of the conversation. The phone call will evoke confusion in the audience regarding the where the event is taking place (past, present or future). 



Blistering barnacles 

A fictional science program similar to a TV documentary where the narrator explains the theory of relativity using thunderstorms as an example. The time separation between the light and the sound of thunder indicates the distance between where it hits to the location where its perceived. This segment will include a dramatic recreation of a problem and interview with Dr Pablo Garza that will explain the phenomenon in detail. 


A minute of silence 

An abstract monologue where the narrator makes direct contact with the listener as they insist on taking some time.

  • Example text: "With so many things happening all the time, let us take a minute of silence" (20 seconds pass by). Thanks for waiting for a minute. Are you sure that it was a minute? How much time do you think it passed? Do you want me to tell you how much time passed? What would that change? All right, I will tell you. It was not a minute. If you wait one more minute, I will tell you how long it was if you really want to know. Remember that a minute can be eternal or fugacious that is not dependent on time. (30 seconds pass by). Oh well, you are still here! As of now, 100,000 have passed by. Two hundred fifty-one babies were born, 150 people died. Fifty-eight planes departed and 204 million emails where sent. This is everything that could happen in a minute. And you? What will you do in your next minute." 


The witch

A monologue of an old witch with a ghostly voice about the beginning and the end of times. 

  • Example text: "From the beginning of time, there was always time. Our lineal minds can conceive an instant forever or space without limits. But our mind is not capable of understanding the no-time or the no-space. An empty moment can't exist. But when exactly was the bigging of time? You make me that question here and now. There is only one instant, one; the scenarios are what changes. Humans become gradually aware of time. Is the awareness that is responsible for the existence of time, without awareness, there is no time. Time does not exist; the end of time is time itself." 



The pamphlet 

 A conversation between a 6-year-old girl and her grandfather. The girl remembered her grandfather of a time when they went together to get some ice-cream. The grandfather just read a self-help pamphlet that talks about how the past and future do not exist. By arguing that the past and future can only live in the present. He tells the girl that he remembers as if it was yesterday but it is today because memories live in the present. The story ends when they both decide to get some ice-cream as a pact to hide her failed exams to her mother.



The end 

A poetic text narrated with sound effects. 

  • Text example: " time rases with everything, and on its way, it rases by your illusions. Time forces you to the edge until we fall because we will all fall eventually. There is a duration. If we perceive time, it is because we recognise a change. Something has changed, I have changed, everything has changed. Every time, the past is less clear. They say that time cures all wounds. It heals them, or it ignores them? Give time to time until we become orphaned by the past. In any case, the future is in progress, that is what I was told. Time continues, even if we are not ready. Distance makes time. Time matters precisely because it finishes and death calls our time".

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