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Human Solutions   

A game that is impossible to win 

By Tiz Creel & Rowan Mason-Jones.

We created a mini-game where the player tries to repair a strange creature, only to find out that it doesn't need to be repaired. As the player adds "repairing" components, the creature reacts negatively with light, sounds and LEDs symbols. If the player removes all the components, then the creature will return to its normal state. From the start, there are a series of clues that could indicate that there is nothing wrong with the creature but the logic, is that one must do something to win. The introductory text reads: "Pwacca landed on earth one rainy day. A human found Pwacca thinking it was in distress. Hurry! Repair it before it passes away." When the player gives up the ending appears: "Little did the human know; there was nothing to be done. Pwacca was fine all along. Just because it's not like you, It does not mean there is something wrong.” "Human Solutions" is an impossible game. Players cannot win and will ultimately have to give up. While giving up, they can conclude the narrative. More than a game, we consider this work a message in the form of a game. The theme was inspired conceived by my co-creator, Rowan as she was born with a hearing and speaking disability. During her whole life, everyone has tried to repair her, but she fine like any of us. The game is playable by one person, but it could be played in groups.

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